Cheryl Christensen, Paralegal

Cheryl Christensen has worked with Brad as a Paralegal for 7+ years and looks forward to many more. Cheryl got her start in personal injury in the not so traditional fashion, by being injured in an accident. Cheryl hired Brad as her Attorney to help navigate the uncharted territory that she found herself in. Cheryl enjoys the challenge of her job, always learning new things and helping people through a difficult, confusing and frustrating time.

Cheryl is married to Don Christensen and has one daughter Kylea.  Together they enjoy the “great outdoor opportunities” we have in abundance here in Southern Utah.  Cheryl enjoys volunteering within her community by planning three community events each year and supporting Don in his role as Fire Chief in that community. Cheryl feels that, “a sense of community and family is what provides a firm foundation for our children and our country.”  Cheryl also loves to take pictures.

Cheryl believes:

“There are many ways to measure our lives.  Education, income, children, professional success, health, cherished possessions, family, and dear friends come to mind.  Each of us determines as an individual what gives our life value.”

“The daily currency of our lives often includes heart-stopping sunsets, sweet air, clear water, and dark starry skies at night.  No matter how full – or empty – our pockets may be, we would be so much poorer without these miracles of nature filling our human cup.”