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Brad Harr & Associates is celebrating 10 years in the profession of helping injured people navigate the maze of insurance claims! We are celebrating and growing into the future. We look forward to what the next 10 years brings.
We are happy to announce our name is changing. We have the same fabulous people working to provide excellent service to you. We are transitioning our name to InjurySmartLaw.com. The name change will allow more people to easily recognize not only our firm but importantly what we do as a law office. Why the change? Our experience has demonstrated that people recognize the name but not what kind of law we handle. For example:
1) We sponsored an event that included a dinner, program, and entertainment with announced by an Emcee. The Emcee was doing a good job at keeping the evening light and fun. Near the end he handed out awards and gave some shout outs. He then said something like: ‘And now for the man who can help you buy or sell your home. This award goes to your local real-estate agent: Brad Harr & Associates….’ Wait, . . .What!?
2) In another episode an employee’s spouse was speaking with a friend. Our firm name came up the friend commented, ‘I know them, they sale insurance right?’
3) Employees have had numerous talks with people in their neighborhood or at social gatherings where our name was recognized, but not what we do. Some of Brad’s neighbors have even called TV attorney’s not realizing we are and injury law firm.
We put our thinking cap on and came up with a name that identifies us and tells our message all in three words. We are grateful for your support and are constantly striving to serve you better.
Thank you for supporting us over the past 10 years. If you know someone who was injured in an accident, let them know that the great people at Injury Smart Law.com are easy to work with and work hard for you.

2015 Jubilee of Trees

We Feel blessed that we get to be part of the Jubilee of Trees here in St George. This year the show is raising funds for the Nero science division of Dixie Regional Hospital. Please go out and support the other local artists that have worked so hard to put this event on!

2015 Book Festival – Spooky Town Festival

This year we have sponsored a ton of events. Here is a short video of some of the recent the events that we have sponsored.

Brad Harr & Associates has been built in a way that it does not participate in most mass media. Brad Harr & Associates chooses to put its marketing dollars towards things that make a difference in the community. Through means like donating water to athletic programs and providing sound systems stages and other equipment for events in the community. Brad Harr makes small differences every week.

Red Rock BBQ Festival

Last Weekend We hope that you were able to tell your spouse, family and friends that you love them. With Valentines day, the parade of homes and so many other fun activities going on in town we hope that you had time to slow down and let those around you that you care about them.

One of the Several festivities was the Red Rock BBQ festival that happened at the town square friday and Saturday. Teams from around southern Utah gathered and started to cook around 4:00 pm on friday, then the competition and voting started saturday at 2:30. The competition was friendly but it was also fun as the competitors competed to see who by popular vote who could cook the Best BBQ in Southern Utah. Up until this year there has not been an event like this in Southern Utah, and we are grateful that we got to be a part. The Event included everything from Food to live entertainment, and a chance to support the local Switchpoint efforts.

Switchpoint for those unaware is a center for those going through a dramatic change in their lives. It Provides everything from a place to stay to help writing a good resume. Located in Santa clara(just off Sunset blvd) this center helps everyone who needs a lift up. The Watercraz Marketing group recently started a event series that is giving away a new side-by-side that will be given away to someone in the community that has bought a ticket. All the proceeds of this ticket goes to Switchpoint for their use. Check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/watercraz

to check out more details on the Red Rock BBQ Festival please visit http://www.redrockbbqfestival.com/

So with all the events going on hope you all found a fun place to be. For more information on local events Check out StGeorgeHappenings.com it has a full list of family friendly events in the Southern Utah area.

Photo Credit goes to Dave Larsen, thank you Dave

BBQ 2-14-15 (25)

BBQ 2-14-15 (24)

BBQ 2-14-15 (23)

BBQ 2-14-15 (22)

BBQ 2-14-15 (21)

BBQ 2-14-15 (20)

BBQ 2-14-15 (19)

BBQ 2-14-15 (18)

BBQ 2-14-15 (16)

BBQ 2-14-15 (7)

BBQ 2-14-15 (8)

BBQ 2-14-15 (9)

BBQ 2-14-15 (10)

BBQ 2-14-15 (11)

BBQ 2-14-15 (12)

BBQ 2-14-15 (13)

BBQ 2-14-15 (14)

BBQ 2-14-15 (15)

BBQ 2-14-15 (5)

BBQ 2-14-15 (4)

BBQ 2-14-15 (3)

Sonny Boys BBQ Trailer

Red Rock BBQ Festival