Brad Harr & Associates is celebrating 10 years in the profession of helping injured people navigate the maze of insurance claims! We are celebrating and growing into the future. We look forward to what the next 10 years brings.
We are happy to announce our name is changing. We have the same fabulous people working to provide excellent service to you. We are transitioning our name to The name change will allow more people to easily recognize not only our firm but importantly what we do as a law office. Why the change? Our experience has demonstrated that people recognize the name but not what kind of law we handle. For example:
1) We sponsored an event that included a dinner, program, and entertainment with announced by an Emcee. The Emcee was doing a good job at keeping the evening light and fun. Near the end he handed out awards and gave some shout outs. He then said something like: ‘And now for the man who can help you buy or sell your home. This award goes to your local real-estate agent: Brad Harr & Associates….’ Wait, . . .What!?
2) In another episode an employee’s spouse was speaking with a friend. Our firm name came up the friend commented, ‘I know them, they sale insurance right?’
3) Employees have had numerous talks with people in their neighborhood or at social gatherings where our name was recognized, but not what we do. Some of Brad’s neighbors have even called TV attorney’s not realizing we are and injury law firm.
We put our thinking cap on and came up with a name that identifies us and tells our message all in three words. We are grateful for your support and are constantly striving to serve you better.
Thank you for supporting us over the past 10 years. If you know someone who was injured in an accident, let them know that the great people at Injury Smart are easy to work with and work hard for you.