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Dixie 4Wheel Drive Openhouse

We are grateful for the time chance that we had to go be part of the Dixie 4 Wheel drive open house. Dixi3 4 Wheel drive has been open for several years servicing the 4×4 vehicles in Southern Utah, over the last few months, Dixie 4 Wheel Drive has completely redone their shop to be able to better serve the needs of its customers. Dixie 4 Wheel specializes in rebuilding or adding components to your jeep in order to increase the  its’ capability, no matter what your jeeping level is at, Dixie 4Wheel can help get your rig ready for the mountains!

Dixie 4 Wheel Drive Open House

Dixie 4 Wheel Drive Open HouseDixie 4 Wehhne

New addition to Winchester Hills: The Winchester Fire house!


St George is growing at a fast rate,  over the years certain people have stepped up to lead and help the community to grow. Through the efforts of these people and tier families, St George has become the beautiful place that it is today. one such family we are happy to call friends here at the Law office of Bradley C Harr & associates, Don  and Cheryl Christenson (Cheryl  is a paralegal at our law office) have been working with several others in recent years to build a Fire house in Winchester hills. this dream if you will has put into action recently as the ground was broken for the building to begin on this much needed facility. as friends and family gathered for this event there was several people congratulating and offering help for those who had worked so hard to get these factors rolling.



Local News reports on the ground breaking



Other facts about the New Fire house


Cycling summit addresses safety, freedom of the road

Utah-HIll-2When was the last time that you got in your car and thought about the bicycle rider or the walker on the side of the road that you that you would see that day? Ok it might not be the first thing you think about but hopefully you do think about it soon after getting in your car. Living in St George has several perks, it is beautiful, it is Warm, it has a culture of physical activity. Despite This culture that has been present for year, seeing a bicycle rider on the road is something that causes some to get nervous and lose a little control. Recently there was a summit that addressed Safety on the road for both pedestrians, and drivers.

I have done several races, running, Biking, hiking, you name it, and every time I am in one of these events, I cant help but think about the car that is coming from behind me, one that I can hear, but can not yet see. There are several thoughts that go through my head at this point, will they move over? will I be far enough over to the side of the road that they won’t hit me? what can I do to be safe? each time is a mental battle of focus over what to focus on more the road or the car.

To the south west of St George there is a favorite training ride for most cyclist called Utah hill, Starting at Lin’s in Santa Clara the ride is about 40 miles round trip; fun fact the top of the hill is not in Utah boundaries. One morning my brother was riding it with a friend and they where on the return trip, as is not uncommon they saw a few cars coming the other direction but they were not worried because all they have to do is stay on their side of the road right? As the truck got closer a Nevada police officer decided to pass the truck. being a dotted yellow, it was ok, but also the riders where now left with a small shoulder on the side of the road. the officer, either not seeing the cyclists, or deciding that he could beat them to the punch hit the gas and accelerated passed the truck toward my brother. by doing this the bikers where nearly hit. When My brother got home he was ok, but also shocked that the officer was not willing to wait 3 more minuets to pass the truck. We all need to be aware.

Most people are not sure just how fast a bike on the hills and mountains in St George can go. I personally have ridden a bike at speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour, that is just as fast as the car in front or behind them. Of course it is safe to assume that bikes are not going to be riding that fast all the time. It is also safe to assume that for the most part people do see and think about bikers; but do drivers fully give the respect and precaution to cyclist they they need to be safe.

Recently The Law office of Bradley C Harr and Associates was able to sponsor the Cycling Summit. where bumper stickers were giver out saying “Share the Road”. if you would like a one of these bumper stickers please visit our law office.

For more information on Bicycle laws and safty tips please visit:






Tribute to Veterans on their Day… Everyday!

Jonny JohnsonJohnnie Johnson, grand marshal of the St. George Veteran’s Day Parade, gestures towards the American flag on display at the Tabernacle as he delivers an address on the subject of “Freedom isn’t Free” during the Veteran’s Day Tribute in the Tabernacle Monday, Nov. 11, 2013.

Recently we had the chance to honor those who have sacrificed for us to be able to live in this great country. I am so grateful for all those who have done so. We were able to watch our good Friend Johnnie Johnson lead the parade in Tribute. without these great men and women we would not be here nor Enjoy the many blessings that we enjoy here in America.

Every time I see the flag, I am reminded how blessed we are to live here in the United States of America. as an LDS Missionary in Taiwan I was able to see the things that I even now take fore granted. I was known as a person that Loved God, Loved, my family, and Loved America. I fear that as this great country get older Day by day, people are forgetting the meaning behind the flag and the huge blessing it is to be in America. While the Wold is getting smaller due to the use of phones, computers, Airplanes, Cars, and all the technology that is so accessible at our fingertips, we take more and more for granted. I am blessed to have a car, a washing machine in my apartment. I have the opportunity to do what I want to do when I want to. I am blessed to enjoy the company of my heroes, and feel sadness when as a country we lose sight of what is important. Recently a lesson was taught to me ” How many legs does a lamb have if you count the tail as a leg?” the answer “A lamb has 4 legs. you can call the tail a leg you can call it what ever you want, but that doesn’t change what it is.” Today there are a lot of things that are called other by other names, even treated as different things; that does not change the nature of the object or thing. the great men that died saw what was important and what mattered most, Family, Friends, honor, charity, honesty, and the importance to stand for something. as we Celebrated Veterans day, Please take a moment and consider what matters most to us? What are you doing to protect and preserve that standard? The Veterans, men and women in the Armed forces are examples of people that have thought what mattes to them. They decided that you and I are important, that their children where more important than themselves. To the men and Women in the Forces. Thank you; there is no words that can be spoken, nor single act that can be done for your support, work and sacrifice that you have given to us!!


God Bless America.

Graphic Art Contest!

Bradley C. Harr & associates is involved in several events around Utah, we donate prizes, including Frisbees, Water Bottles, Pens, Lip balm, Key Chains, Glasses, And T-Shirts. We are about to run out of T-shirts and it’s time for a new graphic. Thus it is the Bradley C. Harr & Associates 2013 Graphic Design Competition. 

·         Dead Line Oct 1st

·         1st place prize is $100 Dollars 

·         2nd and 3rd places will receive $50 Dollars 

This competition is to design a graphic with the following theme to be printed on over 500 T-shirts that will be distributed at parades, High School sporting events, and other activities around Washington County.

The 2013 theme is Sand Ventures!

Background or context: St George has several activities adventures, and challenges that we all have been involved with in some way.  So what is your personal adventure in the sands of Washington County? What does your adventure look like? Where does it take you?  Make it into a graphic, and share it with us! You could win $100 and have your graphic  printed and distributed around town.   You can email us your graphic, at  Call us and let us answer any of your questions.

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