Trip and Fall

Thousands of Americans are injured every year because of hazardous conditions that exist on land. Some examples are when they trip and fall at a store, a business, or even a neighbor’s house. It is a common misconception that the insurance company for the property owner is going to pay all damages. The law generally favors property owners and store owners; it is often difficult for injured people to recover anything.

The two situations in which property owners are held responsible for injuries or damages that happen on their property are:

1. A Temporary Condition Not Created by the Property Owner
2. A Hazard Created by the Property Owner

Temporary Condition Not Created by the Property Owner

Property owners may be held responsible when there is a temporary condition, not created by the property owner, which is unreasonably dangerous. The most common example of this is spilled milk at a grocery store. In order to be successful in this type of a personal injury claim, the injured person must show all of the following three (3)things:

1. The person must show what they fell on, and
2. That the property owner knew about the condition, and
3. That the property owner had time to fix the hazardous condition

If you are unable to show any of those items, then you probably cannot bring a claim for damages.

A Hazard Created by the Property Owner

Property owners may be held responsible when the property owner creates the hazard. For example, if the property owner leaves an open hole or does not have guardrails on their stairs, then the property owner is much more likely to be held responsible.

At Bradley C. Harr, PC we have many trip and fall cases. We are happy to speak with you about your case and provide some insight about your possible claim. Call today for a free consultation.

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What is the Utah “NO FAULT” Law?

Many people are confused after they’ve been in an accident when they are told that they must bill their own automobile insurance for their initial medical treatment.  People are left wondering, “Why should I bill my own insurance company when I didn’t cause the accident?”

The Utah “No Fault” Law simply means that your own automobile insurance will take some of the hassle out of getting your initial medical bills paid.  It is based on the premise that your own automobile insurance company and the automobile insurance company for the at-fault driver are in the best positions to determine who should really be paying the bills.  When you are hurt, you do not want to find yourself in a fight with the other insurance company.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Like many things in life, the law is becoming more complicated. This is true when trying to prove your claim for damages as a result of the irresponsible acts of another person. At Bradley C. Harr & Associates, our job is to help you understand what your claims are, the process by which the insurance company will evaluate them, and how to navigate through the insurance and legal system.

Most people go through their entire lives and never have a car crash where they are injured or consider the need for an attorney. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you have been injured due to the neglect of someone else, you may find yourself feeling frustrated as you battle your way through the complicated insurance company network.

Every insurance company has highly skilled people who evaluate claims. They know what you are required to prove, and unfortunately for you, they are experts at pointing out any weaknesses of your claim.

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